Cape Scott Adventures – A digital story! #ETMOOC

For this section of the #ETMOOC, we’ve been focusing on Digital Stories and have had some excellent presentations and opportunities to practice and learn this fascinating art.  I’ve been really enjoying the #sixwordstories and the Five-Card-Flickr stories that everyone has been sharing, as well as the animated GIFs that have started appearing around the #etmooc Google Plus Community.  I was struggling with coming up with a good story I wanted to share, and how I would create it.  And then I remembered my most excellent adventure from 2004 exploring the long abandoned Danish settlement on the most northern tip of Vancouver Island, Cape Scott.



Cape Scott is no longer a settlement,

but a beautiful park,full of amazing long beaches.  This trip report/website/photo-sharing story I created is a little old, from 2004, but I still think its a great story, good trip report and interesting investigation into the failed Danish settlers.    I hope you enjoy it!