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Feel free to use these websites, projects and digital artifacts in any way you see them being useful.  These were created to share and be used as much as possible.  Stay tuned for more projects soon!


E-Books, E-Readers and School Libraries is a White Paper I authored for the BC Educational Resource Acquisition Consortium (ERAC) in 2013.  This white paper explore the current state of the union regarding software, hardware, devices and services available to School Districts around BC.


The Buzz is a blog I’ve created that is ‘everything you need to know about social media’.  This blog focuses on how to use social media safely, efficently and to make better connections, communicate more and share what you have learned! Lots of tutorials and helpful videos to get you started.


ERAC4U is a blog that I authored to showcase, highlight and demonstrate how to utilize many of the online databases and other digital resources available to BC School Districts.  There are dozens of blog posts exploring many of the most popular online databases available.



Canada’s Next Top Website is a very simple and easy to use webquest that will teach your students how to properly and effectively evaluate websites.  Students will learn how to identify address, author, bias, content and currency as they find Canada’s Next Top Website!


Cape Scott is a famous park on the very northern edge of Vancouver Island.  In the early 1900’s a group of settlers tried to make a go of it in this very wet, very isolated part of BC.  This website is a trip journal and historical exploration of the backpacking trip I did in 2004.

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