Cape Scott Adventures – A digital story! #ETMOOC

For this section of the #ETMOOC, we’ve been focusing on Digital Stories and have had some excellent presentations and opportunities to practice and learn this fascinating art.  I’ve been really enjoying the #sixwordstories and the Five-Card-Flickr stories that everyone has been sharing, as well as the animated GIFs that have started appearing around the #etmooc Google Plus Community.  I was struggling with coming up with a good story I wanted to share, and how I would create it.  And then I remembered my most excellent adventure from 2004 exploring the long abandoned Danish settlement on the most northern tip of Vancouver Island, Cape Scott.



Cape Scott is no longer a settlement,

but a beautiful park,full of amazing long beaches.  This trip report/website/photo-sharing story I created is a little old, from 2004, but I still think its a great story, good trip report and interesting investigation into the failed Danish settlers.    I hope you enjoy it!

#ETMOOC – ET Calls home!


Hello visitors!  This post is part of my new year’s resolution to become more active in my online communities.  I’ve joined a “MOOC” or if you have been hiding under a rock, what is known as a “Massive Online Open Course” on “ET” or “Educational Technology”. This #ETMOOC is an attempt to gather a large group of people (thousands at least) to share their knowledge, expertise, ideas, challenges and successes with each other in using Educational Technology. I’ve tweeted it out, I’ve joined the Google + community, and now I’m starting to blog about it.  Please, consider joining me!

Normally, in previous MOOCs I’ve joined, I’ve been more of a lurker, reading everything, processing ideas, collecting resources, but not giving back as much.  I was taking lots away from these opportunities, but never contributing.  So, this is the start of my chance to flip it around and become more active in my community participation.  I think I do have lots to offer to a large group of like minded people, gathered together to learn about Educational Technology.

For those that don’t know me, I’m an online educator for the Vancouver School Board.  I have been involved with the Vancouver Learning Network, a Distance Learning school for over 9 years now.  When I first started there, it had a different name, and a different purpose.  Back then it was a ‘paper-based’ distance learning school, one that continued the long held purpose of providing education to students far far away in paper-based course packs that would be mailed back and forth through the post office.  This was the standard way of doing distance education for over 80 years!  When I started, it was the birth of our switch to online delivery, to take this old model and to modernize it, make it more active, less isolated, more personalized, a bigger community, and to make the activities and learning more problem based.  While at the VLN, I’ve also created a digital Library, or E-Library, an online space that tries very hard to replicate a real school library and the resources and services it would provide to students.  We have tutorials, a reference desk, online databases, ebooks and other digital services to help our distance learning students from afar.

I’ve also recently started teaching as a sessional online instructor with the University of British Columbia, in the Teacher-Librarian Diploma program.  I am teaching LIBE 477B – Special Topics in Teacher-Librarianship, and this course is all about Web 2.0, and how to extend your School Library out into the world, and to connect and collaborate with your peers online.  There is a ton of over-lap between my day to day job, this UBC course, and this #ETMOOC, so I am all reved up to go!

I hope that you are enjoying your experiences in the #ETMOOC and that you call home once in a while to check in and see how everyone is doing!





You’ve found your way to my little place on the internet!  Congratulations!  I’ve recently redecorated the place, hope you like the new look.  The plan for this new blog is to use it to talk about stuff going on in my life.  To share the fun moments, the deep conversations and the celebrations of friends and family.  The most important and exciting thing happening soon is Caroline and I’s upcoming wedding this summer.  Please, check out our Wedding page for lots more information!

I also plan on using this space to share some of my professional work and life, to showcase new projects, and to help share what I have learned.  Please, check out my ePortfolio I completed as my final project for my Masters in Educational Technology from UBC.

I’ve also created a few digital artifacts from my travels, mostly educational tools about information literacy, social media safety and an epic backpacking trip to Cape Scott, at the northern edge of Vancouver Island.  You can see all of these little projects on my Links/Resources page.

Finally, if you are looking to get in touch, I have a lot of different options!  Please, check out the Contact page to see the many ways you can reach out!

Remember to keep in touch!